Latest Launches

We hope to find you well and wish you continued safety and perseverance. So that we can be together again with the same joy. Because we lack the warmth of being present and sharing the love for what we do. It is with you that we have
been growing, founded on friendship and trust, and it is with you that we want to continue this path into the future.
A future that will once again include the visits and conversations that have contributed so much to cementing our relationship. But even physically distant, Vista Alegre has always been and will always be here for you. We continue, with the same commitment, to create pieces of incomparable beauty.

To surprise you and to make our customers’ lives more beautiful and happier. Finding ways to overcome difficulties and protecting everyone involved in the materialization of the ideas we envision. From those who transport the raw materials we use to, those who guarantee daily production, from those who design the pieces to the team that proudly builds the bridge to you. We will overcome this obstacle together, and together we will celebrate all the good things that life brings us.

Protect yourself and set your sights on a future of great promise and joy. Always with us!